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Karyn Wittmeyer


Pronouns: she/they





Monday: 10am-6pm

Tuesday: 10am-6pm

Thursday: 11am-7pm


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A bit about me... 

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Level 1 trained PACT therapist

Certified Brainspotting Therapist

Brainspotting was developed out of EMDR, and can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to heal simple and complex trauma vs. traditional talk therapy.  It works to release trauma held deep in the brain and body.  You can experience relief from dysregulation even if you have been in talk therapy for years.

I have a strong connection to the LGBTQIA+ and nonmonogamous communities, and work primarily (but not entirely) with those populations. I am HAES aligned and kink informed, and have additional training to work in these areas.

I utilize a mix of internal family systems, PACT therapy, brainspotting and psychoeducation to help clients better align their brain and their body.  Traditional talk therapy has its place, and knowledge is power. However, our emotions live deep in our body, and sometimes talk therapy isn't enough.  Utilizing IFS and brainspotting can help you weave thoughts and feelings together to help you feel like a more coherent self. My clients would call me direct but gentle, a good listener, and willing to occasionally interject relevant educational materials.

I identify as a nonmonogamous pansexual queer woman, and an avid outdoorsman and science nerd. I have spent close to twenty years in positions of leadership, helping build social communities that connect people to each other. I have been a part of the nonmonogamy research community for close to a decade. I participated in the American Psychological Association’s Consensual Non-Monogamy Task Force (Division 44), whose goal is to promote wider acceptance of and research into nontraditional relationship configurations in clinical settings.


You can hear Karyn on the following podcasts:

Relationship Diversity Podcast with Carrie Jerslow.

Wine, Dine and 69 with Rachel Dalton

Branching Out Wellbeing does not work with insurance companies.  Most insurance companies will not cover sex therapy or couples therapy.  For more information, please see our page about insurance coverage.


Costs per 50-minute session:

Individual: $180

Couples: $220

Additional person per session is $40.

Cancellation Policy

Must cancel 24 hours before the appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.  If you miss more than three sessions in a row, you may lose your appointment slot.


Telehealth Policy

Clients will receive care through HIPAA compliant versions of either TherapyNotes or Zoom. In person sessions are also available at our office location near Southcenter Mall in Kent, WA.


To set up your no-cost, no-obligation consultation please email me at

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Issues I work with

Individual Therapy

  • Identity development, including sexual and gender identity

  • PTSD and Trauma, including sexual abuse and assault

  • C-PTSD

  • Communication skills

  • Family of origin issues

  • Neurodivergence

  • Navigating nonmonogamous relationships

  • Building interpersonal boundaries

  • Asexuality / Demisexuality

  • Sexual health

  • Partner betrayal

Couples+ Therapy

  • Communication skills

  • Creating a secure attachment

  • Navigating ethical non-monogamy

  • Recovering from trust violations

  • Navigating jealousy

  • Building and keeping agreements

  • Queer relationships

  • Mixed neurotype relationships

  • Asexuality/Demi-sexuality in relationships

  • Sex therapy, understanding intimacy

  • Desire discrepancy

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